Let’s build the skyway before the L train is shut down in 2019!

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Removing the L train from service in 2019 will be a disaster for North Brooklyn. Commuting to Manhattan will become a daily challenge for 100,000+ residents. The Skyway is the only practical way to increase capacity across the East River by 2019. It’s totally green, incredibly safe and can move a large volume of people.

And it can be built quickly!


No on-site emissions


3X safer than buses
and rail


Moves 5,000+ people
per hour in each

The Problem

The L train is overcrowded and it’s going to be shut down for at least 18 months beginning in 2019!
The Williamsburg Bridge already suffers from massive congestion. Adding hundreds of additional commuter buses will make traffic and pollution much worse.
Residential growth in Williamsburg has increased dramatically during the past 12 years.
With more projects under development, subway congestion will get worse, even after the L train comes back on-line in 2021.
No easy “traditional” solution. Building new subway lines is cost prohibitive.

The Solution


High-speed gondolas are totally silent, pollution-free and the safest mode of transportation. And imagine the views...

Proposed Gondola Route

Brooklyn shuttles and bikes

During the L Train shutdown, shuttles and bikes from the north and east would take commuters to the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza Bus Terminal gondola station.

The high-speed GONDOLA Ride

Once at the Williamsburg Bridge Plaza Bus Terminal gondola station, the Skyway would transport commuters to the edge of Soho in five minutes.

Williamsburg Bridge Plaza Bus Terminal

Nearby manhattan subway stations

Propsosed Delancey Street Station would connect the commuters to 13 subway lines.


A congested
Williamsburg Bridge without the Skyway
A quick Commute with
breathtaking views with the Skyway

See it in action

The International Trend

Emirates Air Line London, England


Teleferico de Gaia Portugal

Teleferico do Alemao Rio

Koblenz Rheinseilbahn Germany

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